warderobe island, hand-made pattern, silver leaves. |      RF7
carved chair gilded with silver |      OX5
commode with sculpture, gilded with silver leaves |      SR4
vernished console with sculptures, gilded with silver leaves  |      SR2
vernished table with gillded sculpture |      SR2
vernished commode with silver leaves gilded sculpture |      SR2
case for antic guns, engravedand gilded with silver imitation |      AL7
old sofa and armchair, vernished and glazed |      POX
commode wit hidden TV system |      AL6
coffee table gilded with aluminium leves |      AL6
kitchen table |      PO2
chair for kitchen table |      PO2
wardrobe for graphics |      PO2
long steal table with wood |     finishing with patinas  AL7
wine rack |      DR2
dressser |      DR1
CD stand |      AL6 i LP3
stylish coffe table |      ZŁ1
glass-case|      ZŁ7
dresser with antic mirrors |      LP3 i MA8
coffee table |      MT2